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CinDay and partners work together along with educators, students, and other organizations to grow a high-quality cyber workforce.

Build Your Current Workforce


The Aerospace Professional Development Center (APDC) at SOCHE works across Ohio with the aerospace and defense industry and government, higher education institutions and STEM organizations and initiatives to ensure Ohio’s Aerospace and Defense workforce needs are met.

Degree Finder

Degree Finder is an online tool that shows allows you to search for cyber degrees available at SOCHE member colleges and universities so you can find find cyber students for internships.

Workforce Supply Tool

Workforce Supply Tool provides businesses with historical information on graduates from high demand fields in Ohio, and projections for the number of graduates available in 2017 and 2018.

Build Your Future Workforce

SOCHE Engage

SOCHE Engage facilitates work-based and project-based hands on “Experiential Learning” opportunities to connect employers to K-12 students early on as they explore career options and hone important career skills.


SOCHEintern connects businesses and organizations with talented, internship-ready college students looking to learn on the job and develop relationships with future employers.

Participate in Events

CinDay Cyber and TechFirst host a variety of cyber-related events . Events include job fairs, meetings with educators to update programming, and experiential learning with students to develop cyber skills. Participating in cyber events connects you to current students and inspires interest in the cyber field and instill cyber work-related skills early on in students, making them more workforce-ready in the future.


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