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About CinDay Cyber

The CinDay Cyber Corridor mission is to increase the pipeline of students pursuing cybersecurity careers, help more Americans attain the skills they need for well-paying jobs in cybersecurity, and support local economic development to stimulate job growth.

CinDay Cyber works to stimulate cybersecurity education and workforce development in response to the need to accelerate the growth of a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce for both government and private industry.

According to NICE, cybersecurity is a major growth area for the economy. A 2015 analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by Stanford University’s Peninsula Press found that there were more than 209,000 unfilled jobs in the United States, and the number of job postings had risen 74 percent in the previous five years. Ohio is working to be part of that expected growth. Both the Dayton Development Coalition and the Regional Economic Development Initiative Cincinnati agreed with NICE that cybersecurity will be one of the top growth areas for the regional economy.

Southwestern Ohio is a leader in cybersecurity, and this designation represents a tremendous opportunity to leverage the efforts of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, educational institutions, and the commercial sector within the Cincinnati-Dayton Region. CinDay Cyber helps to ensure the Southwestern Ohio region is strategically positioned to support this growing industry and build a strong foundation for cybersecurity for years to come.

The initiative coordinates with Cincinnati’s large and diverse commercial sector, Dayton’s commercial sector, and Dayton’s large and prominent Department of Defense industry, providing a rich environment for higher education to address the complex workforce demands of cybersecurity.

Women in Cyber

The Cyber Warrior Princess Program, a 503c non-profit organization, is a completely free program created in the Spring of 2016, to provide a fun, free and widely available Cybersecurity after-school program for girls in grades 6-12.

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Aerospace Professional Development Center

The Aerospace Professional Development Center (APDC) at SOCHE works across Ohio with the aerospace and defense industry and government, higher education institutions and STEM organizations and initiatives to ensure Ohio’s Aerospace and Defense workforce needs are met.

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Upcoming Cyber Events

National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Conference and Expo
November 7-8
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Past Cyber Events

CinDay Cyber Higher Ed & Industry Roundtable
March 9
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OC3 Presentation

Ohio Information Security Conference
March 15
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Ohio Cyber Dialogue with Industry
May 2-3

Higher Ed Roundtable
August 21

CinDay Cyber Higher Ed & Industry Roundtable
September 12

Day-Con XI
September 21 – 23

September 23

NKU Cybersecurity Symposium and STEM Internship Fair
October 13


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CinDay Cyber Lead Partners and Supporters

Higher Education

Air Force Institute of Technology

Clark State Community College

Sinclair Community College

Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education (23 total colleges and universities)

University of Cincinnati

University of Dayton

Wright State University

Economic Development

Dayton Development Coalition

Regional Economic Development Initiative Cincinnati


Dayton Regional STEM School

DePaul Cristo Rey High School

Saint Ursula Academy


Cincinnati Bell

Kroger Company

The Greentree Group

Lunarline, Inc.

Morphick, Inc.

Northrop Grumman

Technology First



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